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Interactive Stations


Interactive Stations


No need to sit when you can mingle

Romance Catering provides feature Signature Interactive Food Stations. Interactive food stations are a fun way for your guest to mingle, customize their plates, and sample all of the dishes we’ve provided at your event. Some of our most popular interactive service stations include the: Burrito Bar, Mac N’ Cheese Bar, Pastries Bar, Candy Bar and Sweetest Cookie Bar.

We value creativity and individualism. We are flexible and can create any type of interactive station you could possibly think of.  Whether you’re hosting a party for 20 or for 500, we’ll meet your needs.

Our pasta station is one of our most creative and elegant cuisine options.  Choose from 3 different types of pasta and three of our many authentic Italian sauces. Enjoy your pasta with seafood or all white chicken and a selection of seasonal veggies. You can also choose to accompany the pasta with our traditional Mix Green Salad or House Tossed Salad. If none of these options tickle your fancy, we’ll help you create your own unique combination.

Add spicy Mexican cuisine to your event with our tasty taco bar. Your guests can build their own tacos from a variety of fresh ingredients and a selection of meats. Add a cerveza or two and your party will have that extra level of thrill.


Let your guests enjoy some exotic cuisine with our sushi bar. Whether you have a party for 10, a wedding or corporate event for hundreds, your guest will enjoy a high level of  quality.

Choose from our most popular types of sushi including: California, Spicy Tuna, Philly Roll, and Spider Roll.  Tantalize your guests’ palates with freshly made sushi and exotic flavors.

Our omelet station serves omelets made from local farm whole eggs or egg whites. Our on-site chef will make any omelet you choose from the following range of fillings: assorted cheeses, fresh vegetables, spices and quality meat.