“We’re in the memory making business.”

For over twenty years, owner Ray Quero has dedicated his life to the culinary arts and to creating memories. Memories that clients carry after trying some of his signature dishes. Ray has acquired culinary knowledge in different international cuisines alongside great chefs throughout the Northwest.

For ten years he’s been focused on improving culinary techniques to acquire the title of international chef, ten years of dedication to learn the art of creating unique and special drinks using local and full of flavor ingredients and aromas.

Whether you need an elegant dinner for 20 to 30, an affordable buffet with a selection of cuisine for a wedding reception for 350, an outdoor company picnic or interactive stations for your corporate event, Romance Catering is the right choice for you. Whatever the event or celebration you are expecting, we’ll make sure we do everything possible to make it a true success and most enduring among your best memories.


Tenderest Meat and Freshest Vegetables

We are very delicate when it comes to our cuisine, using the finest and freshest ingredients to achieve the most desirable flavors and the most appetizing aromas. While maintaining a high level of quality with the most nutritious food and ingredients.

We are a local business and value other businesses alike. Which is why we choose local providers for our meats, fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients necessary to create a memorizing menu, and helping the local community a long our journey.

Why Choose Romance Catering?

  • Use the freshest, locally grown ingredients, quality white chicken, and lean red meats.

  • Exceptional service is our ultimate guarantee.

  • Vegetarians and vegans won’t feel ignored. We provide organic menu options to suit their needs.

  • We included all the necessary utensil, linens, and components necessary for both you and your guests to enjoy their food and beverages.